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In the Robotic Surgery Department of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus various specialized operations are performed using the Robotic Da Vinci System, in the fields of:


How the da Vinci Robotic System is used at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus?

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which surgeons in Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus use for a wide range of operations. Through the use of the robotic da Vinci system, surgeons make small incisions few millimeters from the body of the patient and then guide the four system engineers to perform complex surgical procedures.

What is Robotic Surgery?

The Da Vinci Surgical System offers surgeons an alternative both to traditional open surgery, and the conventional laparoscopic method, putting the hands of the surgeon to control one platform sophisticated management of a medical robot. The robotic Da Vinci system helps surgeons to carry out even the most complex procedures through small incisions with extreme precision. Surgeons perform robotic surgery using the robotic system, comprising an arm with the camera and other interactive arms with joints acting as the wrist of a human. From the remote console, the surgeon moves with specific controls the arms on the operating table, directing all the surgical team during surgery.


Advantages and Benefits of Robotic Surgery

 Using a robotic surgery, the surgeon can perform delicate and complex procedures, which may be difficult or impossible by other techniques.

The advantage of robotics method for surgeons includes:

  • More flexibility

  • Better control

  • Flexibility in the use of surgical instruments


The benefits of robotic surgery to patients includes:

  • Minimize postoperative pain and discomfort- Significant reduction in hospitalization time

  • Less blood loss and reduced risk of contamination

  • Shorter anesthesia and recovery time

  • Quicker return to normal activities

  • Better clinical outcomes (in many cases)


Is robotic surgery right for you?

The treatment of diseases via the robotic system is not an option for everyone. Recommended to discuss with your doctor how your disease responds and how to address the problem of a patient up by the specific method. The extent to which the robotic surgery varies widely used as a number of factors may influence such a decision. These factors may be the training and skill of the surgeon, the availability of equipment or even the condition of the patient.






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