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It may sound a bit exaggerating, but recent research proves it to be true: Ginger root can effectively destroy ovarian and prostate cancer cells.

Scientists working under the patronage of the University of Michigan affirm that ginger root can be implemented in treating ovarian and prostate cancer, with results that compete those of conventional chemotherapy, since it involves no toxicity at all. Evidently, almost 300 years of constant use in medicine have not been wasted.

In fact, ginger, among other herbal remedies used throughout the world, has long been widely considered an excellent anti - inflammatory and an antidote for nausea. However, during a session of the American Association for Cancer Research, researchers announced some rather interesting results pertaining to ginger's possible use in cancer treatment: according to them, each and every time ginger powder was used against cancer cells, they were all destroyed, and rather quickly actually, causing what scientists call an "apoptosis" - a process that leads to the cancer's cell total self - destruction. What's equally intriguing is that ginger causes cancer cells to attack one another, a phenomenon known as "autophagy".

Thus, whereas ginger has been considered till now an excellent aid for cancer patients going through chemotherapy, it seems it can also prove helpful for treating ovarian and prostate cancer. Namely, a certain research has shown that ginger has the remarkable ability to treat ovarian cancer. According to the research's findings, ginger is capable of slowing down the cancer cell's growth and control the production of angiogenic factors in ovarian cancer cells. Angiogenic factors are a group of substances that play an important role in blood vessel formation. In cancer cells, they augment the tumor's growth. Thus, ginger could be used in our effort to effectively treat or even prevent ovarian cancer from appearing in the first place.

Ginger seems to be equally effective against prostate cancer. According to a research conducted by American scientists and published in the reputable British Journal of Nutrition, ginger extracts were used to destroy human prostate cancer cells, whereas healthy neighboring prostate tissue was left unharmed. Equally fascinating is that whole ginger extract managed to shrink cancerous prostate tumors by a staggering rate of 56 %!

Good news does not end here. Ginger ensures another valued benefit for cancer patients: as a genuine, 100 % herbal remedy it has no toxicity at all, even in large quantities, leading to far less disturbing side effects compared to conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatments. These results can help thousands of patients overcome much more easily both cancer and cancer treatment side effects. The American Cancer Society estimated that a dramatic 15% of men will be diagnosed as suffering from prostate cancer in the next 12 months in the U. S. A., and approximately 20,000 women will learn that they suffer from ovarian cancer. Ginger can prove rather helpful for all of them.

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