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Mediterranean Hospital Robotics Center

Mediterranean Hospital Robotics Center

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Our doctors have performed thousands of Robotic Procedures,

continuously enhancing their practices to benefit patient outcomes


Robotics urology

What isRobotic Urology?

By the term Robotic Urology the application of robotic systems in performing urological procedures is meant. The use of Da Vinci robotic system is the outmost modern and precise surgical method being applied in specific urological cases.

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Robotics general-surgery

What isRobotic General Surgery

Robotic surgery is applicable to many disciplines of surgery. The innovative DaVinci robotic surgical system is to provide greater accuracy and safety in daily surgical practice. The accuracy of the movements of the surgical arm allows surgeons to perform operations on parts of the body which previously would not dare, and to save more lives with minimal risk.

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Robotics gynaecology

What isRobotic Gynaecology

The robotic gynaecology is one of the fastest growing fields of robotic surgery and aims to overcome the technical difficulties of laparoscopy and allow demanding gynaecological surgery be performed through very small incisions in the patient's skin. Applied in the treatment of both benign gynaecologic surgery and gynaecological oncology.

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Why Robotics Surgery at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus?
  • Collaboration with World Renowned Robotic Surgeons
  • Extensive experience and proven success in robotic prostate surgeries
  • 89% of patients are cancer free after robotic prostatectomy*
  • Personalized care, before & after the procedure
  • Cyprus is the ideal destination for patients to combine medical treatment with tourism

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We are grateful to have scored a 96.43 % satisfaction rates by our patients and visitors for the year 2016, an honour we could not have achieved without the patients and families who inspire us to do our very best for them.

Notis Zannetos - General Manager