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How far is the hospital from the airport?

In Cyprus there are two International airports:Larnaka International Airport and Pafos International Airport.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is 67.7 km away from Larnaka International Airport and 62.1 km away from Pafos International Airport.

Estimated drive time:

Approximately 45 minutes from both airports.


Can my companion stay with me at the hospital?

Your companion may stay at the hospital during your stay and this service is chargeable.

If decided otherwise, you may note that our hospital is about 10-15 minutes (6-9 km) away from a number of well known hotels.


What is the main language in Cyprus?

Greek is the main language spoken by the Greek-Cypriots and Turkish is the main language spoken by Turkish-Cypriots. English is widely spoken. French and German are also well spoken within the tourist industry. In our hospital we offer interpreter services for a number of languages. Click here for more info on languages.


What is the Currency in Cyprus?

Since 2008 the currency of Cyprus is the Euro.

If interested to learn more on exchange rates, you may obtain more info from the Central Bank of Cyprus.


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