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The Operation Theatres Department is located on the hospital lower level (basement), providing seven fully equipped operating theatres.

The Operation Theatres facility also offers an Endoscopy Unit, the patient recovery area, the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and a Nursing Station.

The Recovery Room can monitor and support four cases simultaneously by highly skilled nursing staff, ensuring a smooth flow and safe transfer of patients from the station to the wards.

The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) operates based on the strict directions of the Infections Control Council, along with internationally accepted protocols on sterilization

practices and disinfection measures.

The department is staffed with 15 nurses being supervised by the Chief Nurse mrs Oxana Sigoridou.

In collaboration with the Head of the Anaesthesiology Department, the nursing supervisor plans ahead the allocation of the operating theatres by specialty, coordinates the preparation of the surgical instruments needed, ensures the availability of all consumables and implants needed per operations and assigns the staff of the department to the operating theatres.

The operating theatres personnel maintains high levels of performance and readiness to respond to the needs arising, due to its continuous education and training being exposed to. The department is operational on a morning and afternoon shift, also being staffed with minimum staff during the night shift.Last year more than 3,000 operations have been performed from several specialties.

Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is the first Hospital with full participation in the General Health System.
It employs more than 15 personal doctors for Adults and Children and additional 100 Physicians of all Specialties.

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