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The Medical Offices are located on the hospital first floor consisted of modern fully equipped medical offices hosting doctors of several medical/surgical specialties.

Through this department, we make it easier for both patients and doctors to be under one roof of multiple specialties, minimizing the time needed for commuting within the city. Also doctors take advantage of the presence of multi-specialists, having the capability of visiting patients on the Medical and Surgical department of Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.

Also of vital importance is the benefit of having all clinical, diagnostics and therapeutic laboratories under one roof to serve the patients based on the arising needs.

Currently, the Medical Offices host the following doctors’ Medical Offices:

  • Dr Kosmas Constantinides - Pulmonologist / Intensivist

  • Dr Christos Kampolis, Cardiologist / Intensivist

  • Dr Sotiris Attipas, Cardiologist

  • Dr Petros Stylianou, Neurosurgeon

  • Dr Melios Yiannakas, Gynaecologist

  • Dr Savvas Nikolaides, Gynaecologist

  • Dr Constantinos Michael, Plastic Surgeon

  • Dr Michael Kakas, General Surgeon

  • Dr Andreas Panayiotou, Traumatologist

  • Dr Nicolas Kordalis, Orthopaedic

  • Dr Constantinos Kyriakides , Orthopaedic

  • Dr Maria Tsachiridi, General Surgeon

  • Dr Ioanna Papazachariou, General Surgeon
  • Dr Michael Nicolaides, General Surgeon
  • Dr Kostas Konstantinou, Urological Surgeon - Andrologist 
  • Dr Martha Ntoumanidou, Gynaecological Surgeon 
  • Dr Chara Papageorgiou, Paediatrician
  • Dr Theodoros Makridis, ENT - Head & Neck Surgeon 
  • Dr Krisos Panayi, ENT - Head & Neck Surgeon 
  • Dr Manos Papadakis, Pulmonologist - Intensivist 


To request an appointment you may call 25 200 100 or 25 200 250 or 25 200 146 on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00.


Dr Christos Loizou, ENT

We are grateful to have scored a 97.30% satisfaction rates by our patients and visitors for the year 2017, an honour we could not have achieved without the patients and families who inspire us to do our very best for them.

 The Management Team

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