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The High Dependency Unit (HDU) accommodates cases for intermediate care requiring continuous monitoring and a higher level of readiness by the nursing staff.

The Unit is located right outside the premises of the Intensive Care Unit and consists of two single rooms being equipped by monitors for the better control of the patients’ vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, oxygenation).

Patients are being connected to the monitor by the use of special cables, which is then connected to the ICU main monitoring screen, so that the nursing staff will respond immediately when needed.

The HDU rooms may be used for the treatment of any patient cases from surgical to cardiology, presenting an increased risk of unexpected adverse situations.

The direct monitoring and immediate response being offered, the patients’ risks are minimized. Though should unexpected situations are being presented, patients may easily be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for further treatment.


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We are grateful to have scored a 97.30% satisfaction rates by our patients and visitors for the year 2017, an honour we could not have achieved without the patients and families who inspire us to do our very best for them.

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