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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus has 2 Obstetric Rooms fully equipped to conduct both normal and/or invasive childbirth when there is a need and also an Obstetrics Operating Theatre.

The delivery rooms are equipped with modern birthing clinical beds, EEG’s, provision of oxygen supply and individual restroom / bathroom.

The department is covered by the anaesthetic team throughout the day, on a 24 hour basis.

When there are certain indications, an epidural analgesia and anesthesia may be provided to the expectant mother.

After delivery, mums are transferred to the recovery room of the maternity section, providing modern equipment for accurate monitoring of the vital signs.

In case of serious cases after giving birth, monitoring is done in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital ensuring more intensive nursing care.

Newborns are kept in incubators under the direct supervision of midwives, until they are transferred to the neonatal ward.

Mums are kept in the Maternity section of the hospital at least for the next two hours after delivery. During the whole delivery process, friends and relatives are advised to be waiting in the hospital main lobby for the better safety and health status of the mother.

All delivery rooms are operating based in certified procedures and medical protocols ensuring a safe and supportive childbirth experience.

The medical and nursing staff of the maternity department advice, prepare and support the expectant mothers through the easy of acceptance of their baby.



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