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Your attending doctor, who is responsible for your treatment, will decide the day of your discharge.

Once your doctor gives the command for your discharge, he/she will fill up some documents regarding your recovery (medication recipe, sick leave letter, diet instructions, physiotherapy, etc.).

The nursing staff will inform you or a relative of yours about the discharge process and assist you for exiting the hospital as soon as possible.

In case of increased workload in the hospital, the staff may need a little more time to carry out the whole discharge process and ensure your best possible discharge experience.

For Financial Issues regarding your hospitalization, you can learn more here.

On the day of your discharge from the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, we strongly recommend you to ask a family member or other person to pick you up.

If you would like to hire a car or get you a taxi, our staff will be happy to arrange that for you.

If your doctor believes that an amblance transposrtation is necessary for you, we would also be happy to assist you.

You may ontact the Patients' Billing Department for further information and billing inquiries.

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