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Every patient choosing to use the services of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus has Rights και Responsibilities as they arise by the human rights and operational regulations of our hospital.

Here's a list of the Patient Rights.

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Every patient has the right:

  • To be informed about his/her health status and the essence of any diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments up tp receive.

  • To have his/her relatives being informed about his/her health status, unless otherwise declared.

  • Not to undergo any pharmaceutical and any other clinical interventions without his/her prior written consent for the risks being associated by the relevant treatment, as well as any alternative therapies.

  • Not to undergo any unnecessary diagnostic examinations and treatments causing unnecessary hassle and extra costs.

  • To be treated politely and respectfully by all the staff members (medical, nursing, ancillary, administrative) throughout the period of his/her medical treatment.

  • To be treated by well trained and skilled staff, capable of perceiving and taking care of all his/her medical needs.

  • To be accommodated in suitable and well equipmed patient rooms, ensuring the patient's best possible recovery.

  • To be subject to an appropriate and healthy treatment, even with the intervention of the judicial authority, in the case the patients’ relatives do not accept a form of therapeutic approach because of religious, cultural or other restrictions.

  • To address a formal complaint to the Board in case the patient believes that the services he received by the doctors, nurses or administrative staff were in an unprofessional manner.

  • To proceed to legal consultation if it deems that the patient was a victim of medical error.

  • To have a clear update on his/her pharmaceutical treatment, to seek information regarding the expense of his/her treatment, and clarification of any relevant matter which bothers him. A number of prescribed medicines -essential for the treatment of the patient- may be purchased by private pharmacies on behalf of the patient, if the hospital does not have them in its own pharmacy. The value and transportation cost are counted in the hospital fees and no extra charges will be applied.

  • To seek discretion and confidentiality regarding the information included in his/her medical record, as well as the medical details about his/her health which were obtained verbally or otherwise.

  • To be aware if the patient is in any way taking part in a research program, while he maintains the right to refuse participation in any such project.

  • To discontinue his/her participation in a research project they are involved, at any point, even if he/she has initially agreed.

  • To decide and choose which physician will be in charge of his/her treatment and recovery.

  • To request the medical opinion of another doctor or the attendance of a doctor of his choice during the operation or the follow-up phase. In this case, the patient is responsible to cover the extra cost of the doctors’ fees.


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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus (MHOC)


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