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Despite that the final bill of each patient presents its our specific information relative to the case, the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus follows its own Charge Method and Invoice Principles based on which the hospital bill is completed for every case.

Every patient using the services of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus as an inpatient cases gets a Summary Invoice

which lists the following charge categories:

  • Hospital Expenses

  • Hospital Accommodation expenses include the patient room, climate control, meals during the stay, in patient nursing services, cleaning services, Television.

  • Medicines and Consumable Expenses. Every item being used during a patient’s case.

  • Laboratory Expenses. Includes all tests being rendered from the radiology / imaging department and the clinical laboratory, being ordered by the patients’ caring doctors.

  • Operating Theater Expenses. Includes the use of the operating theater, the nursing services during the operation, the sterilization expenses for surgical tools and equipment and the recovery services after the operation.

  • Third Party Fees

  • Histopathology Expenses. The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus cooperates with private Histopathology Laboratories for the clinical evaluations of biopsies from patients. The biopsy fees are carried through the hospital invoices.

  • Medical Fees / Doctors Fees. Doctors involved in a case can submit their requested Medical Fees through the hospital bill or they may decide to deal with the patients directly and independently.

No matter whether a patient is Private or covered by an insurance scheme, the hospital bills its services directly to the patient who has received the hospital care. Patients are held responsible for the full settlement of their bills.

If you are a patient participating in an Insurance Scheme or a member of a contracted Health Plan and you wish to get informed specifically on your eligibility, you may use the links here and contact the relevant party directly.

We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier in advance and be aware of your scheme’s specifics before your admission to the hospital.

If you do not present a Guarantee of Payment before the admission, you may be requested to pay a deposit to the hospital before the admission.


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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus (MHOC)


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3570 1489 5626


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