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What if breast cancer could be detected earlier, lumps could be seen more clearly or the number of callbacks was reduced? Three-Dimensional Breast Imaging technology can do that by increasing the accuracy of breast cancer screening exams.

“Digital breast tomosynthesis, also known as 3-D digital mammography, delivers a series of detailed breast mammography fb post 01 Customimages, allowing your provider to better evaluate your breasts layer by layer” says dr. Nikolas Tseriotis, Radiologist at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.

“More than 100 clinical studies have shown that, by using Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, doctors are able to screen for breast cancer with much greater accuracy, regardless of the woman’s age or breast density” states dr. Litsa Evaggelia.

In reply to the question about the advantages of digital mammography as it compares to the analog one, dr. Margarita Marinou – Radiology Consultant replied:

“The advantages are tremendous, both for the patients and for the Radiologist.

* It provides greater clarity and processing capacity (magnifying downloads, change contrast, etc.).

* It increases the diagnostic accuracy of those concerns in small lesions at an early stage.

* Up to 40% lower overall radiation dose.

* Advanced technology, simplicity and ergonomics

While Mammography can detect approximately 85 percent of all breast cancers, it is important to perform your monthly self-breast examination and have your annual breast examination by your health care provider.

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