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Affordability: Our hospital does not attract patients due to being “The Cheapest”, but due to being a "Value-For-Money" health destination, combining quality medical services and logical costs.


Accessibility: Our location, being on the intercity main Highway A1, makes access to our Hospital an easy task. We are based in Limassol, the second biggest city of the island, spreading along the Mediterranean coast.


Additionally, accessibility to quality medical services at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is an easy task. There are no lengthy procedures for patient registration / acceptance.


Availability of Quality Services: We provide a wide spectrum of medical services, from Preventive Control Check-ups up to more complicated specialized operations. We continually follow the technological advancements in health care and provide up to date medical expertise.There are no waiting lines for patients to get services. We may be called a healthcare One-Stop-Shop facility.


Acceptability: Besides Cyprus being an interracial acceptable community, Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus respects all cultures and religions and provides its services equally to all.


Quality: Even though the meaning of the word "quality" ranges from person to person, at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus quality can be measurable.The hospital offers the most advanced technological equipment, a high level of hospitality and personal care, and luxury in-ward services.

Our associate health professionals, scientific staff and doctors have studied in European universities and have worked in International Health Systems like Greece, UK, Germany, Israel, USA, achieving high level of medical education and significant practical experience to practice at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.

Interpreting services are available to patients and families per request. We support the following languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Spanish.

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We are grateful to have scored a 97.30% satisfaction rates by our patients and visitors for the year 2017, an honour we could not have achieved without the patients and families who inspire us to do our very best for them.

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