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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is being contracted with Private Insurance carriers for the provision of healthcare and hospitalization services to insured people through Direct Settlement Agreements.

For patient cases not being fully reimbursed by Insurance companies or any other Third Party carriers, the financial responsibility is solely residing on the patient personally until full settlement of the case.

It is very important to take an active role in the whole process of your claim submission for preliminary approval of the incident until its repayment, thus expediting the entire process.

If you are participating in an insurance plan, we suggest you consult your insurance agent before admission to be aware of any particularities, eligibility and exceptions your insurance plan may have. Acting preventively you will be informed in advance on any co-payment or excess fees your plan may present and you will be well prepared before admission.

The requested Guarantee of Payment for your case should be issued by your insurance company, should be specifically written for your case and it should define any exceptions your insurance plan may present (i.e. «non-covered expenses, «excess fees», «deductibles» etc).

From the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus side you should expect the following:

  • If we possess the Guarantee of Payment in advance, we will invoice your case and will send all relevant documents and explanations to your insurance carrier on behalf of you.

  • The insurance carrier will reimburse the hospital based in our Direct Settlement Agreement.

  • In case your insurance carrier does not reimburse the hospital in full, you will be requested to pay any «non-covered» expenses being left over by the carrier, since the responsible party for the financial reimbursement of the hospital is the patient.

  • In case of a partial reimbursement of a case to the hospital, you will be informed by our Billing Department and you will be sent a copy of the case reimbursement received by your insurance carrier, indicating the non-covered amounts being your responsibility pay.


Νame of Account Holder:
The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus (MHOC)


Bank Of Cyprus Account Number:
3570 1489 5626


IBAN: CY390020 0195 0000 3570 1489 5626



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