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As part of the continuous improvement of the services provided, the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is pleased to present the newly established Volunteering Department.

Volunteering is a selfless act which significantly benefits both the volunteer and the community.

In order to boost the contribution to our community and to keep strengthening the social solidarity, the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus has created an interesting program for volunteers.

This program enables individuals who wish to offer their services to the community to do so while earning unique experiences and knowledge related to the health sector.

Volunteering at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is of great importance, both for patients and their families, and for the existing workforce of the hospital.


What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is considered to be the non-profit provision of services to the community.

The main reason one becomes a volunteer is the love and passion for helping our fellow citizens.

Who may become part of the Volunteering Program of the Mediterranean Hospital?

Every legal citizen of the Republic of Cyprus who is over 25 years old, no matter the gender, marital status, occupational status or educational level, may become a volunteer at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.


How may I participate as a volunteer?

There are many opportunities to provide services to those who need it on a volunteering basis. Some of the departments that can be integrated and participate in the training of volunteers, are the Patient Relation Services Department, the Reception Desk, the Marketing Department, Technical Department, etc.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus continues to embrace each and every new suggestion from the volunteers. If you have any enquiries or have new ideas to propose to the Volunteering Department, please contact the program coordinator at 25 200 000.


Why participate in the Volunteering Program?

As a volunteer at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus you will have the opportunity to gather unique experiences.

In addition to the altruistic aspect of volunteering, by participating in the program at Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus you will:

  • Become aware of the operation of health services in Cyprus
  • Acquire training in First Aid
  • Develop new skills
  • Provide services to your fellow citizens


How can I become a volunteer at the Mediterranean Hospital?

To qualify for the opportunity to become a volunteer at the Mediterranean Hospital you will need to fill out the application form "Interested in Volunteering" or send an email indicating your interest in volunteering to the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively you may send an introductory letter to:

Volunteering Program

Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus

9 Stygos Str.

3117 Limassol


Or you are even welcome to visit us personally at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus to inquire about the program and fill out an application form by hand.


After I place my request to participate in the Volunteering Program of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, do I automatically secure my participation?

No. According to the Volunteering Department’s policy, each applicant will be invited by the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus to attend an introduction meeting with the program coordinator. The meetings are held once every three months. During the meeting there will be a further update about the program and an initial evaluation of the prospect volunteer.

Due to the anticipated high response of citizens and the limited number of volunteers who may serve during this period at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, after the end of the meetings there will be a selection of a number of volunteers who will be informed immediately.


How long should I wait after placing my application before I receive a response from the Volunteering Department of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus?

Upon the receipt of your application by the Volunteering Department, the coordinator of the department will contact you within the next 10 working days to inform you about the upcoming scheduled meetings/interviews which are held periodically once every three months. If you do not receive any reply from the Volunteering Department sometime in the next two weeks, you are kindly advised to contact the Secretary of the Department at 25 200 000.


Will I receive a certification from the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus for volunteering?

After voluntary employment at the Mediterranean Hospital, all volunteers will receive an official certification from the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, stating both the period and further description of the type of volunteer service provided.

We are grateful to have scored a 97.30% satisfaction rates by our patients and visitors for the year 2017, an honour we could not have achieved without the patients and families who inspire us to do our very best for them.

 The Management Team

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