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Working at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is all about focusing on providing high quality services “from human for human’’.

That is why we consistently foster a person-focused environment, a setting where both our staff and patients feel respected and supported.

Regardless in which department of the hospital you are at, all our staff – physicians, nurses, consultants, catering or cleaning staff- is eager to provide care on the basis of compassion, in order to ensure that the patients and their families receive the best possible service and hospitality.

In conjunction to providing the best working and nursing environment, the hospital is committed to continually providing training of high standard to the personnel

We consider life-long learning as an investment in our people, expecting that our patients will benefit from the quality of the services provided to them in a safe, reliable and highly professional environment.

We hope that the efforts of our personnel are evident and will remain consistently at a high level. It is through them that we are able to deliver a warm human environment, a sense of security and a rather professional healthcare experience. Thus we expect any new employee to be able to support and promote the aforementioned values.


If you have any queries regarding the Human Resources Department, or simply you’d like to become a part of our team, feel free to contact the Human Resources office either via:

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Human Resources

Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus

9 Stygos Str, 3117 Limassol, Cyprus

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Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is the first Hospital with full participation in the General Health System.
It employs more than 15 personal doctors for Adults and Children and additional 100 Physicians of all Specialties.

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