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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is based on people who continually strive to remain up-to-date in their field and seek to improving their skills.

It has always been our staff main objective not only to consistently provide services of high standards, but also to continually deepen their awareness of their subject.

The life-long learning and training of our personnel, contributes to this idea by connecting everyday practice with scientific knowledge.

Our effort aims to provide evidence-based medical and nursing services with a human-centered approach. We aim to have every patient satisfied during his or her stay at the hospital not only with the medical care he or she received, but also with the polite and caring approach of the staff on-site.

The training program of our workforce entails the medical treatment of either hospitalized patients or patients who visit the emergency department, using supplementary educational material. Additionally, personnel undergo simulated patient cases that may be faced by the physician at a private practice. The simulation process promotes the staff familiarization of all specific emergency algorithms to achieve effectiveness and precision on care without any delays.

Periodically we conduct unexpected control exercises to evaluate the preparedness of the Emergency Unit, so that staff will remain constantly alert.

Thereupon, the life-long training has made a substantial contribution to the high levels of safety of the inpatients and certainly to the whole provision of high quality healthcare services.

Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is the first Hospital with full participation in the General Health System.
It employs more than 15 personal doctors for Adults and Children and additional 100 Physicians of all Specialties.

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