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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is a modern private hospital possessing all required certifications by the Ministry of Health and other Government bodies of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is participating in continuous quality checks, maintaining the validity of its licenses and certifications.

At Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus operate the below committees are being actively involved in its daily operation, ensuring the quality standards of services being offered through the implementation of internationally accepted protocols and best practices of the healthcare field:

  • The Infectious Diseases Committee, and

  • The Health and Safety Committee


Below is a list of CERTIFICATIONS and LISENCES held and maintained by the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus:

  • License for Operation / Reg. No. Β/1Ν/ Expiration Date 27/01/2020.

  • Health and Safety Certification / Cert. No. Expiration Date 31/01/2020.

  • Verified EMAS EL-V-0009 (AP.549) for Environmental Friendly Operations.

  • Medical Waste Cooperation with Advance Management / Expiration Date 30/06/2019.

  • Certificate for the Protection against Ionizing Radiation and Nuclear Safety / Expiration Date 07/11/2023.

  • EMAS Eco Management Certificate / Registration No. CY 000064.

  • Fire Safety Certificate / Expiration Date 15/06/2019.

  • Geomast Certificate.

  • Envirosafe Certificate 05/07/2018 - 05/07/2019 (Certificate of Cleaning and Disinfection)
  • Certificate by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority / valid until 13/10/2025.

  • Petroleum Safety Storage 25/05/2018 - 25/05/2020.

Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is the first Hospital with full participation in the General Health System.
It employs more than 15 personal doctors for Adults and Children and additional 100 Physicians of all Specialties.

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