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Overall Roles and Responsibilities

The Clinical Committee assists the board in maintaining a constructive relationship with the medical staff and approving and overseeing medical policies and professional staff appointments, reappointments, and clinical privileges.



The responsibilities of the Clinical Committee includes:

  • Reviewing and recommending quality/safety-related policies and standards.
  • Reviewing sentinel events and root cause analyses; if appropriate, recommend corrective action.
  • Monitoring summary reports of hospital and medical staff quality and patient safety activities.
  • Reviewing management’s corrective plans with regard to serious errors or events
  • Overseeing compliance with clinically-related accreditation standards.
  • Making recommendations to the board on all matters related to the quality of care, patient safety, customer service, and organizational culture.

Additional Responsibilities: Professional Affairs

 Reviewing and making recommendations to the board for approval of medically-related policies developed by the committee or by a medical staff committee. Medically related policy matters may include criteria for medical staff membership and privileges, exclusive contracting for professional medical services, on call coverage, board certification, and matters related to professional conduct.

Overseeing the effectiveness of the medical staff credentialing process and reviewing and acting on recommendations to grant medical staff appointments, reappointments, and clinical privileges including:

  • Approving appointments, reappointments, and clinical privileges that fully meet the hospital’s criteria, with no issues or major questions. (This authority must be specifically delegated to the committee by the board.)
  • Making recommendations to the board with regard to all other credentialing applications.
  • The committee may also, in accordance with bylaws, return a recommendation to the medical staff for further documentation or reconsideration.

Reviewing and recommending to the board disciplinary or corrective actions involving medical staff members.

Serving as a forum for education and discussion of hospital-medical staff relationships and concerns.



The committee will meet at least six times a year, or when necessary at the call of the committee chair.



 The Committee includes the following personnel:

Dr Michael Kakas (General Surgeon)

Dr Dimitra Papadamou (Microbiologist)

Dr Christos Kampolis (Intensivist)

Dr Kosmas Konstantinidis (Intensivist)

Notis Zannetos (General Manager)

Mick Ellis (Quality Manager)

Dr Emilios Charalambous (ER Doctor)

Dr Christos Demetriou (General Surgeon)

Dr Ioannis Michaloliakos (Cardiologist)

Dr Alexandros Katsaragakis (Anaesthisiologist)

Dr Andreas Theodoulou (Gynaecologist)

Stalo Georgiou (Matron)

Elena Malekkidou (Secretary)

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