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Hybrid Operating Room of Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus Brings the Best Care to Patients

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus continuously invests in advanced, sophisticated technology to remain at the cutting edge in providing the best possible care for patients all around Cyprus.  The continued development of both minimally invasive procedures and imaging technologies led to the development of the New Hybrid Operating Room which combines a conventional operating room with an imaging system –  intraoperative CT scan and an angiography system.  This Hybrid O.R. makes it possible to simultaneously reach a diagnosis and provide treatment during surgical interventions.

"This combination opens up new therapeutic possibilities and treatment options. It ultimately also results in corresponding benefits to patients" explains dr. Andreas Panayiotou, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.

The continuous expansion of Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus features a revolutionary trend in surgical services, the Hybrid Operating Room.   There are reasons why this Hybrid O.R. is so monumental.  The benefits to patients from the Hybrid Operating Room and the combined team approach are:

  1. Raised Patient Safety Levels.
    Everything happens in one room, any complications or emergencies can be handled immediately and in one Operating Room without causing further complications, relocating the patient and putting patients at higher risks.
  2. Comparative Cost Saving relating to patient care.
    A patient’s condition may require multiple procedures. The hybrid OR allows us to treat multiple issues in one room. Fewer individual trips for procedures means more efficiency and less cost.
  3. State-of-the-Art Imaging during surgery.
    This Hybris Operation Room features some of the best angiographic capabilities, including X-ray Arm and Fluoroscopy system (real-time imaging). At the same time surgeons can make real-time assessments during procedures using instantaneous images. Surgeons can then immediately follow a diagnostic procedure with a therapeutic one, being accurate and performing the operation in a timely manner.
  4. Allows to do more complex procedures in a safe environment with raised accuracy.
  5. Physicians with different skills can work simultaneously.
    The Hybrid Operation Room environment and equipment in place encourages doctors of several specialties to work together on the same patient at the same time.

The fundamental fixed assets of the Hybrid OR include the imaging system, compatible OR table, lighting and monitors, and necessary booms for anesthesia equipment and perfusion.  In addition, the space needs to accommodate anesthesia and perfusion equipment as well as echocardiography, power injector systems, and tables for both surgical and endovascular supplies. The ceiling-mounted monitors are placed to allow all team members to visualize the images simultaneously. Monitors for the surgeons, anesthesiologists, and interventionists show images of angiography, echo images, and hemodynamic monitoring. Moreover, there needs to be flexibility in boom positioning. Unlike a traditional cardiac catheterization laboratory where the operator stands to the right of the patient, hybrid procedures (such as transapical TAVR) may require creative monitor placement.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus’ Hybrid Operating Room allows a Hospital to perform a full range of procedures – from endovascular to hybrid to minimally invasive or open surgery – in a single room. In the changing healthcare landscape, the Hybrid Suite allows you to explore new procedures in an environment designed for the broadest clinical needs. This helps your facility stay at the forefront of clinical excellence. 

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus’ Hybrid Operating Room represents the first of its kind in Cyprus, allowing a multitude of new procedures that have not been previously performed in the region.