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Which is the best way to pay my bill to the Hospital?

Patient bills may be settled through the following ways:

  • Cash

  • Personal Check

  • Bank Quarantee

  • VISA / Mastercard / Maestro / American Express

For more information you may follow the link below:

Payment Methods


What is a Deductible and a Co-Payment Amount?

The excess amount (or so called the Deductible amount) is an amount you are held personally responsible to pay directly to the hospital based on your insurance plan.

This amount is usually predetermined and stated on your insurance plan.

The Co-Payment amount is calculated based on a fixed predetermined percentage on the total amount of a case. This percentage should be clearly stated on your insurance plan.

For any clarifications concerning the specifics of your insurance plan, you need to contact your insurance agent.


What does «Covered Expenses» mean?

Covered expenses are called the costs to be covered by your insurance carrier, being perceived as “reasonable and customary”.


Who is held liable for the reimbursement of my “patient bill”?

Regardless of whether a patient participates or not to an insurance scheme, the ultimate responsibility and financial obligation for the coverage of hospitalization expenses remains solely to the patient. It is the patient, at the end of the day, who received the requested services from the hospital.

Even patients participating in insurance schemes, it is their responsibility to confirm that full settlement of the hospital bill has been reached for the case to be financially closed.


Who can explain to me the medical fees being charged?

At the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, doctors are freelance external consultants, consequently the hospital does not control the doctors’ fees being requested. We advise patients to contact the doctors’ medical offices in order to be directly informed.


Has my bill being settled by my insurance carrier?

The payment period from insurance carriers varies, though you may contact our billing department any time during working hours to get informed.

You may also contact your insurance carrier to get informed on the hospital payment progress for your case.


How can I verify that my bill has been paid?

When a hospital bill is paid, the Billing department issues a legal receipt. You may contact the hospital billing department and arrange for your receipt to be sent to you.


Why is my insurance carrier not covering my case?

There are cases being rejected by insurance carriers for a number of reasons. You advice you consult your insurance agent for any explanations regarding this issue. We are not entitled to receive such information on behalf of you. We as a hospital simply notify the insurance carrier and expect either the Guarantee Of Payment or a Rejection of Claim.



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