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A hospital environment is very different from the environment of your home.


In order to ensure the maximum safety of the patients and visitors, you should know the following about the hospital:

  • The hospital beds are narrower and set higher than the beds you use at home, so be careful when you turn around, when you sit on the edge, when you get up or when you return back to it.

  • Most of the furniture in the patient rooms are placed on wheels, so you are advised to be extremely careful. ​

Do not remove the bed safety rails or any other form of assistant or safety bars, without first previously inform the nursing staff. Each rail is placed there only for your own safety and they shouldn’t be removed so as to avoid the risk of accident.

  • Use the "Nurse Call Button" whenever you need assistance.

  • If the patient who is hospitalized beside your bed seeks help, call the staff by pressing the "Nurse Call Button".

  • When getting out of the bed, always wear non slippery shoes or slippers.

  • You are not allowed to move away from the Unit you are hospitalized, unless it is for a reason related to your hospitalization. Always seek advice and get the permission of the nursing staff.

  • The use of electric blankets is forbidden.

  • If you trace any malfunction of your room equipment or machinery, please report it immediately to the nursing staff.

  • Emergency exits are clearly indicated. In case of emergency, keep calm and follow the staff instructions.

  • Every hospital department has its own fire protection system.

  • In case of fire or earthquake do not use the elevators.

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