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If you are planned to be admitted to the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus for an elective surgical operation or another conservative treatment, you need to ensure that you have already completed the required pre-operative check based on the instructions of your physician.

You may continue eating freely until the day before the operation, where you need to follow a light diet and sleep relatively early.

However the night before, it is recomended to have a light meal and sleep quite early.


Before Admission

Documents and Medical Information

Be sure to have a copy of any medical examination and/or medical results you may have done relating to the planned admission to the hospital, in order to get a complete file regarding your health status and medical condition.



It would be helpful if you knew or even bring with you any medicines you are taking, in order to be evaluated and considered during your therapy. Reference should be made to all drugs and medicines taken – both of the shelve and the ones needing a prescription – which you have taken the last three months, no matter if you still take them or not.



It is very important to disclose any case of allergic reaction you may had in the past to the medical and nursing staff, being related to certain medications or food or any other substance in the environment.

You will certainly be asked by the staff during your hospitalization to disclose such cases if you had in the past.


Personal Belongings

On the day of admission to the hospital, we suggest you bring with you at least the following Personal Items, being necessary during your hospital stay:

•Hygiene items (toothbrush & toothpaste, sponge, comb or hairbrush)

•Pyjamas / nightwear

•Gowns and slippers

•Own eye glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, dentures (be sure to keep them in their protective cases when not in use, not to be lost or destroyed).

Avoid bringing any valuables with you in the hospital

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